AirPods with Biometric Tracking Capability: What More to Know

AirPods with Biometric Tracking Capability: What More to Know

AirPods were the Apple’s new addition to iPhone. These wireless earphones created quite a buzz in the market during their launch. No matter how much fun people made of this new creation, AirPods are quite a revolution for sure. According to a new Apple patent, these AirPods will now come with sensors that will be able to measure the heart rates. In the patent, it is also mentioned that these AirPods will now be launched with biometric tracking capability which will take technology to new heights.

One of these AirPods will be pressed tightly against the ear’s tragus as it will help sensors to monitor the heart rates of the user. In some embodiments, the housing of the earbud can be symmetric so that the earbud can be worn interchangeably on either a left or a right ear of a user”-quoted Apple.

However, the earphones with biometric tracking capabilities aren’t new. Last year Jabra launched the Elite Sports Wireless Earbuds that performed heart rate monitoring along with VO2 Max Texting,  which also means that Apple is trying to make AirPods new fitness tracker along with a revolutionary audio device.  This technology can also make these AirPods more advanced than Apple watch in the upcoming decades.

But also, it is unknown and highly doubts that Apple will launch it soon only because of a patent. It cannot be said if every iPhone user will be able to have these Biometric tracking AirPods or not.

These AirPods were first launched with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the year 2016. The price goes high up to $159, but this does not affect the craze of these wireless earphones which has Bluetooth enabled, can make calls and connect to Siri, all in one.


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