Android apps you haven’t hear about till now lets know about them

Android apps
Android apps

Android apps you should need to know about we are going to tell you today.

Nowadays phones are replacing the needs of a computer and the reason is Android and it’s apps and their excellent functionality.

The most used platform is Android and so the most used apps are Android apps these days. But google play store some time don’t have all the answers.Here is some application That you must have.

Android apps 1: SHOWBOX

A tv series freak? must have it then.Name a Tv series any season any episode, it’s in Showbox.It has movies too but absolutely free. Want to use pro applications but without paying?download the app and crack .apks of any application.

Android apps

Android apps 2: ES FILE MANAGER

Best file manager ever, keeps track of everything, copy paste is fast and search options are very powerful

Android apps 3: NAVBAR

Bored of from the  stock Android experience, Navbar helps you to customize your navigation bar however you want, Believe me, your phone will look completely different

Android apps 4: HERMIT

Everybody wants to stay connected but your battery don’t permit, Download Hermit and generate a lite version of every app and boost your battery backup, Stay connected


Android apps
Android applications


Android apps 5: SUPER CLEANER

The phone gets slow no matter how much ram you have got, sometimes it gets crazy hot to prevent all this drama get Super Cleaner and boost your device.It controls background tasks and cools down your CPU too


Android applications
Android super cleaner


Many of our phones don’t have any heart rate sensor but want to have the fun to measure hr with our device it’s the right app for it, Not fake measures Heart rate, Eye condition, lung capacity and blood pressure nearly accurate.I don’t know how it does but It does.


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