Basic MapleStory Mesos cheats and tips

Basic MapleStory Mesos Cheats and Tips

The world of MMORPG has absolutely exploded in the last several years. It allows gamers from all over the world to interface and competes against one another in this game that is not dark or violent. In fact, the environment of MapleStory is a friendly place full of wonderful things like small snails, mushrooms and of course the occasional monster.

MapleStory is completely free to play, though some players may risk their real money through utilizing Cash Cop. Utilizing Cash Cop allows players to buy things that are not available through the currency of the free version of the online game which is called Mesos.

For those MapleStory players who are into building MapleStory Mesos, leveling up, and hunting monsters, here are some great cheats and tips that will raise the level of the game. Just remember to only share such codes and cheats with guilds and family systems that are aligned in a common goal.

Changing the User Settings

Beware that certain players may change the user settings of the game to suit their needs and objectives. Generally this is not considered cheating within the land of MapleStory. Essentially among gamers who play MapleStory changing the keyboard configuration is generally acceptable as each player should be allowed to navigate the game to the best of their ability. However, changing the brightness or “gamma” in the dark areas and dark corners of the game is considered cheating.

A Few Cheat Codes for the MapleStory Gamer

  • To minimize the game press alt + down.
  • For extra MapleStory Mesos drop 10 Mesos and pick them back up. It will turn into 15 Mesos.
  • Change the view of the screen right side up by pressing control + alt + down.
  • Change the view of the screen left side up by pressing control + alt + up.
  • When the moment calls to skip a level, simply press +. However, it should be noted that this function can only be utilized once a month.

Using Spellcasters

It is commonly known that if a character travels to Ellinia and purchases potions they can then go fight slimes and snails until the life or mana completely runs out. At that point enough money will appear to purchase more life. Refresh the life and continue to play.

Get Easy Mesos and Free Items

Go to battle against other characters. As soon as money drops begin to pick it up. Many other characters will miss picking up money they have dropped.

Go to the portal beside the famous taxi stand, Henesy’s Taxi. Amidst a crowd of people look for others who accidentally leave their belongings behind as they pull out of the station. Then, simply claim their merchandise.

Computer Game Cheats

Video game cheat and hint websites are all over the Internet. Some claim to have the best game cheats available, but when more closely examined one finds that many are outdated and do not provide access to the latest and most popular PC game cheats. Some people might balk at the thought of using cheat codes to get around a difficult boss or an extremely complex puzzle, but for many finding the correct PC game hint or cheat code can be just as frustrating as the game itself.

Fortunately, things have come a long way from the days when gamers had to buy something like the Game Shark to make their game play easier. With hundreds of thousands of gamers out there on the Internet there are many different places to find the special codes or video game walkthroughs to help move on to the next part of the game. This article is intended to help gamers find the best game cheat web sites for the most popular current PC video games.

The Best Video Game Cheats for PC Gamers

When a person does a search for things like where to find the best game cheats it is not uncommon to have to muddle through dozens of sites before coming to the 1 or 2 that have the cheat codes or hints that you need. The ironic part of this search is that in the end, some of the best game cheat websites are not solely dedicated to that topic. Instead, many of the best sites for finding useful and relevant pc game cheats belong to major retailers that sell the games themselves.

For PC games, one of the absolute best sites to start at for finding cheats is the video game retailer, GameSpot. GameSpot is actually a division of the computer technology giant, CNET.

The power and research abilities of the CNET empire trickles down to GameSpot by providing many options for finding game-specific cheat codes for many of the most popular video games currently being sold. Each video game sold by the company includes its own special hints and cheats page on which can be found information about the game, codes for accessing secret levels or abilities, and in some cases links to complete video game walkthroughs. In addition to PC games, users can find pages on video games from the major console gaming systems as well such as the xbox, wii, and playstation.

Find the Best Game Cheats by Going to the Gamers Themselves

One need not go to a commercial video game retailer to find the best cheats. Community gaming sites that are dedicated to a specific game are often the best place to get help with any part of a game, not just the parts that have been well documented. For example, cheat codes are great IF there is a code that allows the user to get around a difficult part of the game. If no such code exists, the only place to turn is to ask another player how to solve the problem.

Fan sites and other game specific sites are the perfect place to ask for and receive help with difficult parts of games that commercial oriented PC game cheat sites cannot provide.


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