From Oxford Dictionary to Google: taking over the world


Need your daily newspaper with your regular cup of tea? Is your newspaper boy late? Are you getting antsy? Are you worried you will have to read it on your way to work, all squished up? Well, what’s Google there for? To find out what’s happening outside your home, it’s no longer necessary to wait for the newspaper or the television, just with one click you will have all your trending news on your feet. On September 4, 1998, students at Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founded something which is no less than a miracle : Google. Google sure has changed our way of thinking. You have literally everything in your hands starting from, restaurants to clothing stores to ATMs and so much more. It opens up various possibilities of to explore, understand or solve any queries which cross our minds.


In recent times google is our best friend. It’s the key to all our problems. It is a source of massive amount of information. All it takes is a minute, to search for the content. But everything comes replacing something. With this easy access to Google, nobody is bothered to go to the library and search books. The days of using encyclopedia and dictionary are gone. All the solutions are at our finger tips.

• Google search has changed the way of finding answers. There is no question it can’t answer. It has all the knowledge, we require.

• Google news has all the informations about the world. It updates us about each and every incident happening around us. There’s no missing out.

• Gmail makes our work more and more easier. The days of sending formal letters regardinf works are gone. All documents ,files, any information is send through gmail. It makes communication easier for us.

• Google person helps us find any person anywhere at anytime. In case of sheer emergency, it’s of great help as it gives all the whereabouts regarding the missing person.

• Google docs have replaced days of spending hours and hours behind compiling files and documents. It helps us to combine documents, spreadsheets etc at a go.

• Google Hangouts are best for connecting long distance friends through video calls. Not just that, even people who are working 24×7 , it’s a chance for them to have a short chat with their loved ones, taking out some time from their hectic schedule.

•Google Analytics is a great helper in making the data into profit.

•Google Earth helps in pointing out places.

Google has brought the entire world together and there’s no growing apart.


But as we know everything comes with a cost , so does google. As every coin has two sides, one good and one bad , google too has that. Google has made life so easy , that people forget to work. As every information is served to them like a plater, they have become lazier in finding things out. They have grown far apart from teacher’s and books. Back in old days, when a student asked a question, a teacher would have explained to him in such a effective way. But now they consult Google, google is the new teacher in town. For collecting any information they don’t go through any book, they just open google. But this is a huge disadvantage as students while consulting google on their phone loose focus. This is distracting as texts , calls , messages continuously appear on their phones.

Again, as there are numerous amount of sites are present, people don’t really go through each and every article. They just point out the keywords, and make a list out of it. And all these are done without any comprehensive study. Ultimately, we get used to selective studying and accordingly our brain functions. This not only hampers out method of studying but also hampers our knowledge and depth about things.

Google has mould itself to our personal assistant. People now a days don’t find the need to remember things. They have lost touch with their diaries. They just rely on their assistant, the google.

Unfortunately, much of what is awesome about Google also makes them increasingly terrifying with each passing day. We have to say that Google has changed our lives for both; the good and the bad. It has changed the way we interact with people and how addicted we have become to it, in such a short time. Addiction is never good. Whatever you type or search in Google, it all gets stored with your correlated IP address. Not so cool now, is it? You might be mighty relieved to hear that, right now, not a single person is manning Google. Phew. But you know what they say, if you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. You treat Google as if it is God, look around you and look at you, you yourself have a God within, never doubt yourself. The time of dictionary is on it’s way to extinction, isn’t it?



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