Fun Wii games for couples with Mii integration

Fun Wii games for couples with Mii integration

First things first, couples should make a visit to the Mii channel. Laughing at the parade of crazy characters other people have made is a great way to kick off a date and get conversation flowing.

Use the Wii Console to Create Mii characters

To practice designing Mii characters, couples might enjoy a game of “Mii guess who.” They can take turns creating Miis of famous people, friends, or family and seeing whether their dates can recognize the character. These characters are likely to pop in for guest appearances during the night’s games.

Next, couples can design their own Mii characters. These caricatures are the avatars couples will compete with in many of the most entertaining Wii games. All the games listed bellow include Mii integration. With any luck, Wii dates will get couples better acquainted both on and off the screen.

Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii Console

Animal Crossing: City Folk is a nice game for a slow-paced evening of snacks and conversation. A couple can move their Mii characters into a brand new town and start work. They’ll need to rummage for fruit, shells, and mushrooms to sell. Slowly, they’ll accumulate a nice house with fun furnishings.

The game keeps players busy with fun tasks such as collecting specimens for the local museum, chatting with the amusing town’s folk, or running errands for neighbors. In their spare time, Mii characters can head over to the Salon or buy a hip new outfit from the town’s clothing boutique.

Several features make Animal Crossing: City Folk particularly well suited for couples. First, participants can send one another surprise notes and gifts–an excellent way to earn off- screen points. Second, the game has draws for everyone. Women can have fun decorating the house and trying out new outfits. Men can hunt down bugs, catch fish, and dig for fossils.

The only drawback for Animal Crossing: City Folk as a date night option is its real-time feature. For example, The Salon is open only from 8:00 in the morning till 9:00 at night. Some stores open only on certain days of the week. Fruit, insects, and fish are seasonal. This means couples may wind up varying date times according to their Mii character’s goals.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree for the Wii Console

Couples who want to give their mental powers a work out will enjoy Big Brain Academy. They can compete in brain-training mini games under the comical guise of increasing the size and heftiness of their brains.

The game is basically a collection of mini puzzles testing speed and accuracy. During the test mode, couples complete ten challenges from each category to earn a letter grade and silly description for their mental capacities. Overall, the game is a fun challenge that steers clear of feeling too stuffy.

These games are packed with entertainment and interaction. For similar ideas, readers can find more Wii games for couples with Mii integration as well as articles on the best Wiiware games for couples to download.

Best Wiiware Games for Couples

Couples are discovering Wii dates in droves. Playing a favorite game time and time again can be fun, but exploring a brand new game together is a blast. Wiiware games downloaded directly from the Wii Shopping Channel to the Wii console might just be one of the best ideas for a cheap date. Here are some favorite titles that cost far less than a night on the town.

Brain Challenge for the Wii Console

Brain Challenge is a puzzle game for couples who don’t run from a little mental stimulation. Pleasant doctors guide Mii characters through the mini-games which are grouped into five categories: logic, memory, math, visual and focus.

Couples can either play games in any order they choose, or take a challenge set by the game several days in a row to track their mental progress. As if the challenges weren’t enough, a stress test mode throws in distracters like bugs crawling across the screen to make things even more interesting. Multi-player modes and a 1,000 Wii point ($10.00) price tag make Brain Challenge a great option for a Wii date.

Fun Fun Minigolf for the Wii Console

For just 900 Wii points ($9.00) couples can minigolf long into the night. As they put through the game’s 27 holes, they’ll appreciate surprisingly excellent scenery. Options include easy, moderate, and challenging levels as well as three courses themed after Asia, Europe, and America.

During double dates, another couple can join in on 4-player minigolf. The controls are easy to pick up on and very responsive. Unfortunately, a couple’s Mii characters are left in the cold when it comes to this date.

Toki Tori for the Wii Console

For 900 Wii points ($9.00), couples join a cute yellow chicken on his quest to rescue his brothers and sisters still in their eggs. The game holds 42 levels, and each is a challenging brain teaser. Couples can cuddle up and put their heads together for several fun dates of puzzles at their best.

Swords and Soldiers for the Wii Console

1,000 Wii points ($10.00) can pull off a killer evening for someone whose date enjoys a good strategy game. In Swords and Soldiers, Aztec, Viking, or Chinese troops battle to the death with their own collections of weapons and spells.

A multi-player mode allows couples to fight it out and a challenging single player mode lends itself to cooperative strategizing. This may not sound like a typical chick game, but cartoonish graphics, fun music, and comical dialogue can keep both sides of the couch interested.

Art Style Rotohex for the Wii Console

Art Style Rotohex is a puzzle game for 600 Wii points ($6.00). In this title, couples compete to fit falling triangles of various colors into hexagons on the arena floor.

When the next date night rolls around, there are plenty more Wiiware games for couples to download from the Wii Shopping Channel. Plus, readers can also find articles on the best Wii games for couples with Mii integration.


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