How technology brought us together?


Life is a song and we are its tunes. Just like that, technology is a song with gradual and inexorable tempo change and internet is its tunes. Social media has made it easy for us to communicate with one another with just the push of a button. Be it, your kid studying abroad, your fiancée in a far away city or even your girlfriend who is thousands of miles away, with Skype you find that long distance is nothing when your relationship is as strong as rock. Obviously, there are plenty of ways that technology has changed our lives. But, whereas, it may have initially driven us apart, recent advances are bringing us back together, bridging the distance between families and friends and making loved ones feel closer and better connected than ever before.


Want to bring people together instantly around you? Start a YouTube channel which comes without any cost. Through this we not only learn tons about the modern technology but we also come across various incredible talents, potential minds, cinematic concepts and what not. We are always virtually surrounded by people who want to see the raw, unadulterated you!


The worldwide web has definitely brought us closer than pushing as apart. Prior to the internet, the only way people stay connected was by writing letters half way across the world. But letters took a long time to get someone’s response. And as we know the time zones are different across the world , so one had to stay awake to remain in touch with their loved ones, living across the world. But due to the advancement of technology, internet is capable of fixing both the problems.


Now a days, with technology reaching it’s heights, there are a lot of matrimonial sites. Due to the availability of enormous datas on dating profiles, people can easily know in advance which personality will match with them. People that connect in such sites other than physical ones are much more likely to combine on a level that allows for growth and maturity in a long-standing relationship, as opposed to the randomness that pervades the classic dating scene.


There are a lot of loners out there. The nerd, social cast, dork etc. But because of the modern technologies these type of people come closer through the gaming apps. The gamers have a lot of social support groups. And for better or worse , friends made virtually can be as valuable as the one made physically.


A great way that technology came up with in the recent days, are creating online groups. Through these people across the world, come together, interact with each other and get to know each other gradually. Through this platform, people can participate in various activities. And even through such groups , you can meet with people like your personality.


AT present our world is filled with addicts. Addicts by definition are basically loners. They find happiness in their loneliness. By with the growth of technology, addicts can find people like them who have gotten help in the past and have refined them into a better person. There are also people who have the solutions to their questions and their loneliness


Now all the companies in the technology world have come up with new way of staying connected. Video chat. Through this, we can see and talk to our friends and families for hour and hours. Even various deals are cracked in meetings and seminars just through a simple video call.


Gone are those days when we had to wait to just see the face of our beloved ones. Technology has brought to us different ways through which it kust takes hardly an hour or two to meet our loved ones. From airplanes to metro, all these transports have cut down the process of waiting further,just to see people.


Those days of carrying a phrasebook in the language of the place we were traveling to, are gone. Technology has come up with new methods to put down the barrier of language between people. Today all that is needed is a smartphone where we have Google translate. We can easily understand what people are saying in their mother tongue and can easily gel with them. This also helps us in spreading our friend’s circle worldwide.

The sense of connection between human beings is growing. Technology needs to be embraced, although it may be forever changing, we should at least count on the fact that it is continuously becoming greater, faster and more beneficial. The connection between all of us is growing with the help of technology and instead of disagreeing with this, it’s time we accept it and use it to a benefit fully are a lot of working parents who don’t get to be with their kids often. With new features like text and voice chat becoming more commonplace, mobile games are a perfect example of how tech is transforming family interactions. A dad in army who might be missing their baby’s first steps or first words but with technology it’ll feel like they are right there, witnessing something which will bring tears of joy to their eyes.


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