How to choose the best car security alarm

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Car security alarms form an integral part of protecting a car from theft. With rapid growth in technology, the available security alarms options in the market have become all the more foolproof. However, with so many glaring choices, it becomes difficult in choosing the ideal security alarm for your car. This article will drive all the confusion away…

Why the Need for Car Security Alarm?

Although it is true that many new cars come with some sort of car security alarm, it is still a good option to install an advanced and more powerful alarm to enhance the security of a car. Moreover, insurance companies offered lowered rates for cars which have an advanced security alarm.

Getting Down to Choosing

There are certain things which help tremendously while selecting the best security alarm .The following things will help every car owner make a perfect decision:

1. Get Familiar –

A car owner should keep some time aside to learn more about the types of car alarms available in the market. This is important to understand the strength of different alarms and security methods.

2. Know the Brands –

It is essential that one should learn more about car immobilizers, tracking systems, and basic types of car alarms. Here, a person can also learn about different popular brands offering car alarms. Sniper, Hornet, and Clifford alarms are few popular options in this regard.

3. Internet Research –

Don’t overlook the importance of using the internet. There are many sites selling car security alarms and systems to help you get maximum security. But, always choose the most reliable and reputed site to make a purchase.

It is always a good idea to shop from a site offering alarms along with other accessories such as car subwoofers, car stereos, and car speakers. This will facilitate the understanding that the site offering these products has the potential to provide the best quality products.

4. Compare and Rate –

After finding one such site, the next step should be to compare two or more types of car alarms to find the best one. For instance, one can compare Sniper X1 car alarm with Hornet 740T car alarm, to get a better idea about their features. Also, one should make sure that he compares the selected alarms on the price as well.

5. Get acquainted with the working –

While installing security system in a car, it is essential to ask the agent of the company about the functioning of the security system. By doing this one can know the system’s details like the automobile opening and its sensors on its windows and doors.

6. Choose the Best –

Only the best available security alarms enhance the safety of a car. Therefore, it is always a good idea to purchase from reputed and the top companies of security alarms.

Security Alarms Mean Better Safety

The above listed steps will prove to be highly beneficial to every car owner. A good car security alarm will go a long way in ensuring that a car always remains with the legitimate owner. The additional benefit of a car alarm is that the small remote control of the alarm allows a person to lock or unlock the doors or arm and disarm the car at the touch of a button. All this translates in to more convenience and more safety.

Auto Theft Prevention Techniques

No one wants to risk having his or her car stolen, or even broken into. There are several cheap ways to deter car theft that do not even require the use of anti-theft devices for cars. Following are some simple auto theft prevention techniques.

Routine Ways to Secure a Car, Minimizing the Risk of Auto Theft

The common sense type securities should never be undermined. If worried about car theft, be sure to lock the car and take the keys out each time it is left anywhere, make sure to roll up the windows and close any sunroof, and keep valuables out of sight inside of the car. Leaving anything that looks like it could be worth something on the seat can trigger a break-in attempt that otherwise might not have occurred.

Cars in areas without much activity, or in dimly lit places (at night) are often preferred targets for thieves and vandals, so try to avoid leaving a car for too long in such a spot. If leaving a spare key somewhere (such as in a magnetic case under the car), make sure not to leave it in an obvious place. The best thing to do would be to carry the spare key in something other than the container that the primary key is in on your person, so that if, say, a purse is lost, you will still have the spare in your pocket.

Reduce the Risk of Auto Theft without Anti-Theft Devices: Make the Vehicle Seem Secured
There are a few cheap and easy ways to make an automobile seem secured, even though it might not be. Decals that say that a car is equipped with GPS tracking, or equipped with an alarm are available for only a few dollars. Such stickers should be enough to thwart the mission of any amateur car thief, and they cost hundreds of dollars less than do the actual devices of which they warn (though, if affordable, actual anti-theft devices for cars are certainly much safer, and they can lower comprehensive car insurance rates).

Deterring Auto Theft by Making the VIN Obvious, and Other Considerations

Every car has a 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which serves as a serial number to identify a particular vehicle. As many people who steal cars intend to sell them, etching this number, which can be found on your vehicle registration, on all windows of the car can lower the risk of someone taking the vehicle to try to sell it. VIN do-it-yourself kits, which assist people in etching clearly their VIN serial numbers on glass surfaces are available for under $20.

Some people will also ransack an automobile, looking for parts to sell. A very easy and cheap anti-theft device that counters such activity is a hood lock, which will stop aspiring thieves from taking engine parts or the battery to sell for a quick buck.

These auto theft prevention techniques are all considerations that drivers who feel that their cars might be at risk should think about. All of the options are free or cheap, and it is not burdensome to take some simple extra steps to reduce the risk of auto theft without the use of expensive anti-theft devices for cars.


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