How to find the right MMORPG (retro games online)

World of Warcraft

Retro games online – Ever since the emergence of MMO’s, there have been countless attempts to break into the market. But what is the right MMO for those who have never taken a step into these fantastical worlds?

While there are countless free and pay to play MMORPG’s, here is a quick rundown from a beginners’ point of view of some of the current MMORPG’s or retro games online that are available.


Released in 2008, Aion is one of the most popular retro games online and closely resembles the Japanese anime/JRPG style, and that makes it a beautiful looking game with some interesting features.

With a pretty solid population base, new beginners will find that the game is jaw-droppingly beautiful and the ability to fly in certain areas (and glide downhill) makes the game unique.

Cons for the game are that there is a bit too much grinding, and in some areas, solo adventurers may find themselves struggling a bit.

A game mainly for PvE players as PvP combat doesn’t open up until level 25.

With a new expansion pack on the way, Aion is a good MMORPG to start with for those who like a more eastern approach to games.

World of Warcraft

Arguably it is one of the most famous retro games online and the biggest MMORPG, WOW is probably the most cartoonish looking MMORPG around yet still has a massive playerbase.

While still quite colourful and bright, the graphics are starting to look a little dated, but for users with a low-end PC, this means that the game will run better than most.

While the population is high, the majority of players are at end-game content, leaving most of the ‘old world’ sparsely populated past the beginner areas.

PvP and PvE is both very solid in WoW and the game can be very time-consuming if players stick with the game.

With a new expansion pack along the way to introduce two new races and redevelop the game world, it should see the population in the main world increase again as old players come back, while others start afresh.

Warhammer Online

Plagued with problems when it first arrived, Warhammer has been trimmed back and even with a lower population provides some of the most fun in an MMO.

Still a graphically stunning game, and also one of the most realistic looking, the game can look fantastic when there are numerous players online battling it out.

The game has the best PvP system, with huge battles spread across levels and the ability to level up on nothing but PvP from the get-go.

The downside to this one of the popular retro games online is that it is a huge grind and very tedious. So Warhammer is definitely not a game for those who like to Raid and PvE. The game can also have a pretty dead population in the middle tiers the game uses when not at peak time.

With new expansion packs announced, and a free endless trial, the game is a brilliant introduction to a MMORPG based off a very detailed and rich world.

Age of Conan

A solid MMORPG, AoC isn’t very newbie-friendly as the open world PvP means that gankers can put off many beginning players.

The graphics are fantastic and the game is incredibly detailed and in-depth, one of the best looking MMORPG’s currently available.

PvE is slightly different to other games, relying on the player to attack from different sides which makes for a more tactical playthrough.

The game is open PvP, which means unless players are partaking in the solo night time missions, that higher level players could be camping lower players outside of cities which makes the game tough on newbies.

Also a game that has a new expansion pack out for it that should bring in new players.

EVE Online

A huge game, also visually strong, EVE provides a monstrous amount of customisation and in-depth gameplay.

The game is monumentally slow though, with new skills being learned in real-time even when the player is offline. This is a game that will take months to understand and get to any level of competitiveness or gain a sense of achievement.

There is quite a huge population for EVE, but there is an incredibly steep learning curve that will put off many who are new to MMORPG’s or don’t have the patience.

Star Trek Online

STO has the biggest franchise to work off and has a huge world (or galaxy) to explore, and provides two styles of gameplay.

The first style is ground combat, which seems a bit flawed and very simplistic. Character models don’t move in a natural way and combat is lacklustre.

The second style of gameplay involved is spaceship combat, which while also simplistic also provides great fun as players manoevure their ships around to shoot and defend their flanks.

Graphics for the game, while in the spaceship are gorgeous, but a bit bland when it comes to ground missions.

Can be great fun for just cruising through space, or even wasting time creating a character with one of the most detailed character generators.

Guild Wars

One of the best free-to-play retro games online is Guild Wars. It is a solid game but more of a PvE game and most of the world is instance based, meaning players either need friends or a group to fully unleash the games potential.

The graphics are solid and the world is expansive, the game does things a little differently, with most players sitting in towns and any venturing into the outside world done in instances, meaning you won’t see any players running around.

A beginner friendly game with a pretty solid population, however with Guild Wars 2 around the corner, the population is sure to drop.

Choosing the Right MMORPG

Picking the right MMORPG can be a daunting task, but hopefully this guide with a few of the bigger MMO’s will direct people towards the style of gameplay they seek.

Further research and investigation can be done as there are hundreds of MMORPG’s available, and with more appearing over the horizon, there can be a bit of trial and error until players find the one that is right for them.

Other tips for choosing include looking at the features, how often the game updates, expansions released (or planned), how active the forums are, how happy the players on the forums seem.

Overall with a bit of persistence, many will find the right MMORPG for them.


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