Mist humidifier vs warm air humidifier

mist humidifier

Mist humidifier

Humidifiers are an excellent source of relief in an environment where excessive dryness of air can cause discomfort. Dry air can lead to different ailments such as cracked lips, dry, flaky and itchy skins, nasal irritations and respiratory conditions.

Humidifiers may come in warm or cool mist humidifiers. As much as both has the same effective function in bringing moisture into the air, there are few differences between these mist humidifiers. Therefore important considerations should be taken to identify specific conditions that mist humidifier needs to act upon prior to making a decision which mist humidifier will work best for you.

Both the warm and cool mist humidifiers are effective in bringing moisture into the air which needs to maintain the humidity level between 30-45%. Below this level can bring potential uncomfortable conditions caused by dry air. At more than 50% humidity level, increase moisture will also harbor the breeding of molds, dust mites and other forms of bacteria. The need to use a mist humidifier will vary greatly on the current condition of the humidity level. Therefore one important part to look from your mist humidifier is the hygrometer. This device can accurately measure the humidity level in a room. Cool and warm mist humidifier units usually come with this device to gauge the room humidity so that you can adjust the humidifier setting of the humidifier unit. If your unit does not come with a hygrometer, then you are advice to buy one.

Warm mist humidifier is an excellent choice for cool weather. It can provide greater relief to cold symptoms than the cool mist humidifier. It has a steaming action often used for steam medications. Since it boils warm water into the tank prior to the dispersal of warm mist into the room, this can cause burn hazard. This mist humidifier generally requires more cleaning and maintenance. It can cover smaller areas in a room than the cool mist humidifier. Because it uses warm water that can encourage bacterial growth, thorough and frequent cleaning is needed. This unit is quieter and much costly because of the added heating system used for the unit.


The cool mist humidifier is safer with children around. It is easier to clean and less costly than the warm mist humidifier. It does have the capacity to humidify larger areas but runs slightly noisier than the warm mist humidifier. As with any humidifier, frequent cleaning of the unit should be done to ensure its safe use.

Maintaining a mist humidifier of any kind with frequent cleaning will ensure that the unit being used provides clean and healthy air to breathe. Any form of mist humidifier can be equally effective in providing relevant aid in providing added moisture to counteract the ailments and discomfort caused by dry air. Understanding your specific needs will give you better choices of the kind of mist humidifier to purchase that will work best for you and your family.

Warm Air Humidifier

If your house is located in a cold area, especially during the winter season, it is very likely that you use a heater to increase the temperature in your house during these cold months. It is also likely that in addition to using the heater, you also use a humidifier to increase the humidity in the room.

During the cold season, the humidity or moisture in the air tends to lessen. This trend can cause several problems to the residents. First, decrease in humidity can cause your nasal passages to feel dry. Also, when you are experiencing clogged nose, recovery may seems slow when the air is low in humidity. Furniture, in order to last longer, also requires a certain amount of moisture in the air. Too little moisture will cause your furniture’s surface to be dry. This is also true regarding some of your home structures. With less moisture, the walls tend to crack making them prone to structural defects.

With the importance of humidity, most homes resort to the use of a humidifier. A problem could be raised regarding this, though. It can cause a large increase in electricity bills.

In order to address this issue, it would be best if you choose a warm air humidifier. If you will be using a warm air humidifier, increasing the temperature settings of your heater may no longer necessary.

mist humidifier

If your heater doesn’t work at high temperature settings, this will save you money on your electricity bills. In some cases, you may even turn off your heating system and still feel comfortable due to the heat released by the warm air humidifier.

The warm air humidifier works similarly to other wick type humidifier. In the warm air humidifier, the wick also transports the water to be evaporated. However, before transporting the water, the water in the reservoir was boiled or heater first to produce a steam.

The wick of the warm air humidifier then transports the hot water so that it can be evaporated. While the warm air humidifier consumes more electricity that a simple humidifier, it could also make you save on electricity by adding comfort and warmth to your home even if the heater is not turned on.

For this reason, you will notice that many homes in the US now prefers the use of warm air humidifier in their homes. This device not just protects their health and homes but also helps them save money on electricity.


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