Solar Window chargers: A new way of charging batteries

Solar Window chargers
Solar Window chargers

Solar window chargers have grabbed much attention recently.

This technology charges our mobile phones using solar power. Let’s get into some more details to understand it in a better way What are Solar window chargers.

With extremely busy schedules, smartphones have become almost an indispensable part of our life. Therefore, portability is an important aspect when it comes to our day-to-day life. A phone with too many applications drains the battery pretty soon. Hence, portable chargers are a quick solution to this problem.So here are Solar window chargers, The biggest advantage is that they require low maintenance and are very easy to operate.

Solar Window chargers
Solar Window chargers

Features of Solar Window chargers

Window Solar Chargers have only three components a silicone ring, a mini USB and the charger. Silicone ring holds the charger firmly on the window. USB is for connection. The charger absorbs any shadow that is cast by window frames or plants around. Li-ion batteries are present inside the Chargers. They also have in built protection for shot circuits. A PV panel, which is almost 110mA, is responsible for absorbing all the sunlight.

Solar chargers are portable and can be extremely useful when it comes to travel. Usually, a solar charger takes almost 10-13 hrs. to get completely charged. The time may depend on the light intensity. They are lightweight (roughly 95g) and don’t occupy much space. The approximate cost of solar charger is around $65.

Thus, the bottom line is that these charges have an excellent way of harnessing solar power. It’s a good gadget for travel freaks.

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