The 35 Best Desk Organization Ideas, Ever


Consider something like this shelf office to make use of vertical space and give the illusion of height to your ceilings. We love the ribbed glass trays too for that sleek and chic minimalist aesthetic. That is, as promised, five small manageable things to organize your home office.

  • As my business began, I already had a backlog of work and all while working from my very basic home office.
  • Having a window will keep you in a healthy, productive headspace.
  • Hang pendant lights above your workspace instead to shed some light on whatever you’re working on.
  • Get a bunch of hanging folders in a variety of different colors and organize all of your paperwork.
  • More important, every single piece provides both formal and functional benefits.

There are many reasons to organize home office clutter. Logistically, every minute you spend searching for a document or reference in a messy office is lost productive time. On a deeper emotional or psychological level, clutter can overwhelm and lead to procrastination and a loss of productivity. Sara Dennis is a coffee-loving freelance writer, homeschool blogger, and mom of six kids.

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For other items, use drawer organizers to stowaway small items in distinct sections. Office desk accessories can be both decorative and functional, while desktop inboxes can be ideal to store a few pieces of important paperwork. Resist the temptation to keep too much paperwork on your desk—a small pile of papers can quickly turn into desktop chaos if not continually managed. Use open shelves to organize and style your home home office tips office. In this office by designer Joanna Whittaker, the two white shelves put a substantial amount of empty wall space to good use while leaving enough room for a floor lamp. The chic arrangement is kept organized with the use of two large baskets on the bottom shelves that hold the messier work items. Prevent books on shelves from looking too disorganized by keeping them in order using sturdy and decorative bookends.

home office organizing tips

Keep clutter off the desk by storing your books on floating shelves on the wall. Hang pendant lights above your workspace instead to shed some light on whatever you’re working on.

Office Organizing Products

Put items used together in the same drawer space, stamps with envelopes, sticky pads with notepads, etc. Archive files – When a project is complete, put all of the materials together and file them away. Reading folder – Designate a file for print articles and documents you want to read that aren’t urgent. Magazine boxes – Use magazine boxes or binders to store magazines and catalogs you really want to store. Please make sure you really need them for reference or research, otherwise recycle them, or give away. Position the equipment and supplies that you use most within reach.

home office organizing tips

If you have a small space, this is the perfect solution. You can pull the desk down and have everything you need ready for you to work.

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It’s pretty easy to feel disorganized if you have plenty of paperwork piling on your desk. Setting up a filing system plays a crucial role in making your home office organized and tidy. Search for a method that works best for you, and then try to follow this on a daily and weekly basis. Moreover, having these cubbies on the wall means more desk space for you. If you tend to accumulate piles of papers and office supplies on your desk, then this is ideal. The good news is setting up and organizing a home office is easy.

Ultimately, a home office layout that delineates specific areas for the most common essentials is easier to manage and keep organized. In most situations, the desk is the focal point of an office of any type. Whether at home or on-site, a clean desk is conducive to getting work done.

  • Take your seat– Make sure you select good seating and furniture with great ergonomics.
  • That way you can jot down notes with a chalkboard pen and then wipe ’em away when you have new ideas.
  • It will hold posters, papers, and memos galore enabling you to stay on track with everything on your family’s agenda.
  • Or use Scanbotto scan and fax documents from your phone.

Available in several sizes, this jazzy gray-and-black rug will tie the whole room together. And it’s low profile, so it’ll be easy to roll over, and latex-backed, which means it will stay put even when you don’t. Minimalist space or not, this chic monochromatic office gets warmed up with a fringed throw rug. It serves a purpose, too—it’ll keep the chair feet from scraping up the floor.

If you’re still a fan of pen and paper, make sure you never run out of writing room by attaching peel-and-stick chalkboard tape straight to your desk. That way you can jot down notes with a chalkboard pen and then wipe ’em away when you have new ideas. The beauty of a cubby system is that it’s naturally neat, symmetrical, and perfectly proportioned. Slide decorative storage baskets into cubbies to hide items small or items that would otherwise look disheveled. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, these 8 packing tips for a carry on suitcase make it easy to fit in everything you need.

Create Work Zones

Expand your work space with just a few taps of a hammer, making room to store extra tech items or books. It’s also a clever way to display artwork; you can easily swap in new frames or layer pieces that you love.

  • My friend’s story had propelled my business forward and by keeping it simple I was able to provide value to my clients.
  • For example, a specific space for you to write, file your papers, and even a space to place your personal items such as picture frames or a tissue box.
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—you’ll find your work space never gets messy in the first place. And speaking of furniture, you’ll also find office must-haves here like desks, too. These products will have your home office organized in no time, so you can work on getting your closets, kitchen cabinets and bathrooms de-cluttered, too. Choose from a variety of organizers, from file sorters large enough to hold folders, to monitor stands that include compartments for storing notepads, pens, and pencils. Consider using stackable cubes or letter trays to help save on desk space. Or save time and money and upcycle household items into office supplies—like turning cans, mason jars, and tea containers into utensil holders and desk organizers.

An organized office will help you be more productive and less stressed. Spice jars and even a spice rack can do wonders for holding paper clips, thumbtacks, and other small, necessary office items. You can repurpose empty spice jars from your kitchen or even find an affordable spice rack at the thrift store. A bookshelf can be useful in setting up an organized and functional office layout.

You don’t need to hang a monthly calendar on your wall. Instead, try hanging a yearly calendar that shows the entire year in one large spread.

Keep Cords Organized In A Cable Box

Find a sorting system that fits your space and allows you to sort mail into different categories. Label each category so you can find the mail you need quickly. An effective filing system will help you locate documents with ease.

If you aren’t though, you’re better off storing all of that paper somewhere else. What kind of dividers did you use for the magazine file?

But since humans need real connection, choose to communicate face-to-face instead of through a text or email. There are plenty of tools such as Zoom or Skype that can be used for remote communication. Leave single pockets to sort and store scissors, tape and ribbon. Better yet, you might want to try one of these alternatives to wrapping paper.

  • So, I informed my friend I was starting my business and convinced her that she includes me in the article; which she did.
  • You don’t need to hang a monthly calendar on your wall.
  • If you have allergies, you could keep a box of tissues on your desk.
  • It will slide into the corner, give you plenty of space to work, and you’ll even have room for a lamp directly over your working area.

Besides taking up very little space wherever you choose to place it, they’re great for reducing the clutter that always seems to find its way onto your tabletop. A lot of the solutions are the same and some have changed to keep up with the times. What’s so interesting is that the problems I saw decades ago I still see today.

This prevents your eyes from tiring, which keeps you at a good work pace. You don’t want a glare bouncing off your computer screen, either.

After-Christmas sales are a great time to get gift tags cheap, or you can find inexpensive yard sale tags year-round. Along with a white board, I like having a bulletin board where I can hang up small items to keep them up off my desk. Sticky notes with important info on them, business cards, a calendar, etc. A bulletin board will help keep your desk clutter free. Desk drawers and file cabinets are often full of too much stuff. Collections of pens, notepads, markers that no longer work. We can’t say enough about reclaiming vertical space – especially in the form of practical shelving ideas.

Use the top of a filing cabinet or a side table as your printing area instead. CEO ofOrganized Janeand life-biz organizer passionate about helping leaders cut through the clutter to get their businesses organized.

It comes in a roll of 120 sticker sheets, plus you also get a chalkboard pen with an eraser with the package. Every office, including your home office, needs a memo or bulletin board. Do away with the traditional corkboards and go for an exquisite and elegant look by using aluminum hobby boards. To declutter your drawer and avoid this situation from ever happening again, try using clear dividers on your drawers, like those I found here. You can use your memo board as a sleek way to display photos, or even to leave important notes and reminders for yourself. They’re not always easy to find but here’s one that’s very large. Can be useful if your office is small and you have quite a few things to organize.

Vanessa Francis Interior DesignPin inspiring clippings and random pieces of paper on a board or wall. By using your vertical space, you’ll give them a place to live instead of left in a forgotten pile of papers. That’s what Interior designerVanessa Francisdid in her home office by dedicating the space under her shelving and behind her monitor to thought-provoking imagery. It’s also a way to liven up typically unused wall space.


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