Would having automatic cars be a safe option?


They say, driving is a pleasure in itself. People love to drive but over the time we have become so so lazy, that scientists and researchers have created cars which don’t need our input that is: driverless cars. Car and technology lover’s are so psyched to have this idea of self driving cars. Yaay. A little birdie told me (read : Google) that robot cars already have street legality in California, Nevada and Florida. Now, self driving cars include GPS, radars, lasers, car-mounted camers and all to get around. Video cameras are basically what our eyes are for; to detect traffic signs, warn in case of pedestrians, cyclists and obstacles. Self driving means, no driving under influence, no accidents from sleeping, texting.

As we know automatic cars or self driving cars are a trending topic now a days, there are some pros and cons to it.


The idea of self driving cars has come from the attempt of reducing the accidents, that occurred almost everyday at different parts of the world. There will be no such instance when the computer might get distracted and can cause accidents. Many cars have come with highly technologized features like self-parking, or sensors that guide the driver in to a nearby obstacle. In near future, there will be half the number of drunk and drive case,compared to now.

This highly technologized self driving cars are a great opportunity for physically challenged people. They no more need to opt for public transports and can easily travel through such cars.

Self driving cars also saves us a huge amount of time. Drivers can indulge into talks with the passengers , accompany them through the entire journey. It even reduces their work. The drivers nomore need to stressing their legs and hands, rather just sit comfortably and operate accordingly and safely.

This also minimizes traffic jams and congestion. And thereby reducing a huge amount of time of the drivers and also the people that are lost in traffics.


As we know computer is taking over the world, by inventing SELF-DRIVING cars, computer will also play it’s role here, that too at a large extent. But it will also require a driver, with the knowledge of operating computerized cars, who will operate it safely. Such modernized technology, has a huge cost. To balance out this huge price, people need to opt in for SELF-DRIVING cars.

As self driving cars are using high oriented technology, and storing a huge amount of data in the software, it will be a great interest for the hackers. The security behind such cars become a dangerous thing for us. Thus all the personal datas can go into wrong hands and can be misused.

The fact that Technology is taking over the man labor is very clear to us. With the inventions of self driving cars , many people with jobs in the transportation sector would be gone. Thus it will add to the unemployment rate, and people with such jobs will be left no where, devastated.

Self driving cars donot completely wipe out car accidents. Previously in car accidents there were persons who were responsible for that,but in case of a self driving car who will be responsible? The driver or the software developer? There’s no answer to this question.

We know that everybody is not capable of handling enhanced technologies. Even if the person sitting in the self driving car, is with the knowledge of how to operate it, can become tensed. This can lead to malfunctioning and can cause dangerous situations that are out of control.

As the car is highly technologized, extreme weather conditions can destroy the tech. Like the laser sensor on the car’s roof can fail, due to heavy rain.

People keep forgetting one thing! Machines die, they break down, run out of fuel and many other casualties. What doesn’t run out of fuel? Mankind. Man itself is it’s best driver. Because cars are too unreliable to be left alone. No tension of getting derailed, and plus there is so much more we need to learn about technology. We haven’t even touched one-tenths of it. The sign of laziness goes hand-in-hand with these self-driving cars and it cannot be ignored. With these cars, our sense of responsibility also reduces. As it is, we aren’t as responsible as we used to be and now if this technology comes to light, people will lay back and just give up all totally, hello, obesity. Automated machines are already putting people out of jobs and now, with driverless cars what are the chauffeurs supposed to do? Become butchers? Didn’t think so.


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