ShareID Launches Privacy-Focused Online ID Verification Solution

ShareID Launches Privacy-Focused Online ID Verification Solution

In a world that is rapidly transitioning from real-world identity verification to online methods, one French startup is taking the lead in providing a cutting-edge solution that prioritizes user privacy. Meet ShareID, the Authentication-as-a-Service company that’s changing the game in online identity verification.

The ShareID Difference

Traditional identity verification methods often involve storing personal data, raising concerns about privacy and data security. ShareID, on the other hand, offers a unique approach that ensures your data remains safe.

Unlike some other companies in the field, ShareID claims that it doesn’t store any personal data. Instead, it employs a two-step process: first, users are required to submit a video to confirm their “liveness,” proving they are real individuals in front of their phone’s camera. Simultaneously, users provide a picture of their government-issued ID. The catch? ShareID doesn’t store this data but temporarily holds it in memory on its servers, creating a unique hash ID before wiping the data. Essentially, your information never lingers on their servers, safeguarding your privacy.

Contrasting Approaches

While ShareID emphasizes data minimization, other companies have taken a different path. For example,, a U.S. company that has secured government contracts, states that it may retain biometric information, including selfies, for up to thirty-six months.

CLEAR, another player in the biometric security sector, gathers an array of data types, encompassing government-issued IDs, digital images and biometric information. The duration of data retention varies based on the user’s geographical location, leading to extended data storage in some cases.

Privacy in Practice

ShareID’s CEO, Sara Sebti, provides insight into the practical implementation of their solution. ShareID offers an SDK and an API, enabling customers to integrate their technology into websites, Android or iOS apps. To authenticate, users are asked to submit a video of their ID for a few seconds, followed by a video of their face.

The authentication process becomes even more secure as ShareID introduces challenges to ensure the live nature of the video. Users are prompted to smile, tilt their heads and follow a randomly generated point on the screen. This dynamic approach makes it virtually impossible to prepare a prerecorded video for authentication.

Upon the completion of data processing, ShareID generates a distinctive homomorphic hash, an exclusive identifier derived from the provided data. This hash serves as a secure means of re-authentication for future visits.

Security Measures

ShareID takes security seriously. France’s military police have audited the company’s security practices and the company continuously monitors its security through penetration tests and other live security monitoring procedures.

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The Evolving Landscape of Online Identity Verification

Online identity verification is undergoing significant changes. As government and banking services shift towards digital verification, companies like ShareID are essential for ensuring the safety and privacy of user data. The need for robust and secure identity verification has never been more critical.

Privacy Concerns and Data Protection

In an era marked by data breaches and privacy scandals, individuals are rightfully concerned about the security of their personal information. ShareID’s commitment to data minimization and temporary storage addresses these concerns head-on. By not retaining personal data, they minimize the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

The Global Impact of ShareID

ShareID’s innovative approach is not just limited to France. Its global potential is significant. As more businesses and organizations seek secure and privacy-centric identity verification solutions, ShareID’s technology is poised to make waves internationally.

Future of ShareID

ShareID’s dedication to protecting user privacy sets a new standard in the industry. As online services continue to evolve and the demand for secure, user-friendly identity verification grows, ShareID’s approach could become the gold standard.

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In an era where digital identity verification is rapidly gaining prominence, individuals who prioritize their privacy naturally harbor apprehensions regarding the safeguarding of their personal data. ShareID provides a compelling solution that not only reduces data storage but also fortifies security, thereby assuring the exclusive ownership of your identity. As the digital landscape continually transforms, ShareID’s innovative approach has the potential to establish a fresh benchmark for privacy in the digital age. The company’s unwavering dedication to preserving user data while facilitating secure access to services underscores the influence of innovation and privacy-centric principles in today’s digital terrain.


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