Boosting Windows Laptop speed: Here are some tips

Boosting Windows Laptop speed
Boosting Windows Laptop speed

Boosting Windows Laptop speed is an essential tip one should know if using window’s laptop.

How does it feel when you’re doing an important task on your Windows laptop and your laptop is running at the end of a turtle? Frustrating, irritating and disappointing, isn’t it?

You will surely find some important tips for boosting the speed of your Windows laptop and here we’re to assist you in how to enhance and improve the speed of your window laptop –

Clean Up Your Hard Disk

This is the most known, classical but effective task you can do to boost up the speed of your Windows laptop. Sometimes, a stuffed hard disk lowers down the speed of your laptop or PC, in this case, clean up your hard disk to improve the speed.

Boosting Windows Laptop speed
Boosting Windows Laptop speed

Windows Troubleshooter

One amazing thing about Windows laptops or PCs is it has already installed windows troubleshooter that enables any user to find out the problem, why windows are running slow and then you can fix it by following the instructions.

Disable Visual Effects

Visual Effects makes the speed of the system poor, in this case, disable visual effects and see the instant change in the speed of your Windows laptop.


Your laptop would have any virus or spyware which is making the speed of laptop slower. In this case, use Antivirus to treat the virus exists on your laptop and gets a fair speed.

Add RAM and Hard Disk

In case RAM or Hard Disk has not enough space, it can make the speed poor. So add more RAM or hard disk according to need to make it perform better.


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