Travel humidifier, house humidifier: benefits and costs

Travel humidifier, house humidifier: benefits and costs

Going places in winter often keeps you away from the comfort zone of your own home humidifier. You are not always guaranteed of the same well-regulated moisture in destinations outside your home. Checking in hotels, for instance, is sometimes a problem. The central heating unit does work fine there, only it keeps humidity low and extremely discomforting.

Now you can keep yourself free from bodily effects of improper humidity anywhere you go with a travel humidifier. It’s like bringing your home-regulated environment anywhere you go. No matter where you end up, you will always have no chapped lips, no sinuses, no winter infections.

Travel humidifiers are light. They are small, yet no less efficient in regulating air moisture in any enclosed space where air is extremely dry. Travel humidifiers are usually lighter than a pound. Some can be as light as eight ounces! Most of the super small, super light travel humidifiers measure no more than 5 inches wide and 3 inches high. They are so small that they can fit into your handbags and briefcases!

Now, imagine driving a car as well-humidified as your house. Some manufactures have now produced travel humidifiers that work in cars as much as in rooms. Such travel humidifiers are supplied with 12V battery-running adaptors and a holding cup. All you have to do is stably place the humidifier in the holding container then plug it in an electrical outlet— your cigarette lighter, for instance.

When you reach your office, just unplug the unit from your car. Place it back in your bag or briefcase. Carry it to your office. So even if the building’s central heating unit is making winter air to a discomforting dry level, you can continue to work in the comfort of your properly humidified office space. Just change the 12V DC wire to the 110V AC adaptor that is part of your travel unit kit.

After work, you might want to check in a hotel, or have a sleepover in a friend’s house. They might not have humidifiers. Just bring your travel humidifier along to ensure that you get well-regulated air moisture anywhere you go.

Travel humidifiers are also ideal for home room uses. Say, your furnace humidifier broke down. Your travel humidifier will keep your room well-humidified.

Protect yourself from winter dry air effects such as throat infection, cracked lips, and sinuses virtually anywhere with portable and compact travel humidifiers. These sleek humidification devices are so sleek and light you can carry them anywhere without lugging weight. They are great for office, hotels, and even cars— places where humidification may always be properly regulated.

Benefits and Costs of House Humidifier

House humidifiers are one of the most essential household equipment these days most especially in certain areas where people are experiencing excessive heat brought by the changes in the season or by certain calamities.

Today there are so many respiratory ailments that can be obtained from the air we breathe so we should be very careful. If there is no moisture or the humidity level of the air you breathe is very low, you could suffer from different respiratory ailments. House humidifier helps keep the respiratory system healthy most especially during the hot seasons. Too much heat and breathing of air without moisture can cause the membranes in your nose, bronchial tubes and throat to dry.

house humidifier

You can keep your loved ones and yourself safe right at your own home by installing a house humidifier. House humidifier works by adding moisture into the air, when the hot air is moisturized; it eventually becomes easier for you to breathe it.

In using a humidifier, you will only consume at least 1.5 gallons to 12 gallons of water on a daily basis, depending on the usage. The water consumption is only in a small amount and you won’t even tell the difference when you look at your bills.

However, there are some factors that you have to consider before purchasing a humidifier. First, you should determine your needs; your basis should be the area of your house. Usually capacity is measured by the gallons of water that the house humidifier can dispense in a day. The capacity that you need can be obtained by multiplying the height of the ceiling to the total floor area in square feet.

Another aspect that you have to consider before purchasing a house humidifier is the cost. The cost depends on the brand and the capacity of the house humidifier.

Aside from the purchase price, you should also consider the maintenance and operating expenses that your house humidifier will incur over a period of time. The operating cost varies depending on the capacity and the type of the filtration process used in the machine. You should also consider the cost and installation fee for replacing certain parts of the house humidifier such the foam filter. You may try searching for brands that have cheaper replacement parts.

House humidifier is beneficial to your health, however you should be careful in choosing the right one for you so that you will reduce the cost and enjoy the benefits.


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