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Old 90s games – When Farmville introduced the new nursery barn, it was just another exercise in asking friends to help build a structure and then store animals inside in the world of retro games online. But unlike other structures, it didn’t really save any room, given than nursery animals are so small and the barn only holds 20 of them. But as one might predict, the allure of the nursery barn is the ability to grow a full-sized adult animal.

How Does the Nursery Barn Work?

In the world of such retro games online the concept is simple, place baby horses or foals (currently the barn does not accept other baby animals, like turkeys or sheep), “tend” the nursery daily, and sometimes an adult animal is produced. What makes the nursery barn truly unique (and clever) is that the adult animal grown often looks nothing like the foal, resulting in an entirely different breed of animal!

When the adult grows on one of the highly popular old 90s games, the farmer receives the adult animal and that baby animal disappears from the nursery barn and can be replaced by another baby animal from the farm. This is a great way to reduce the hefty stocks of baby calves and foals some farmers have collected since their introduction. The farmer is also able to post a feed story sharing a foal version of the animal that has been grown.

This is a very smart cycle in such retro games online, because then friends can put that foal into their nursery barn and do the same thing, and it may grow into yet a different breed, resulting in increased diversity of animals being offered on Facebook feeds.

How to Get Farmville Baby Animals

As mentioned above, foals and calves can be collected from Facebook feeds. But farmers can produce baby animals on their own by placing a bull in each dairy farm owned, or by collecting the wandering stallion that sometimes appears on the farm or is shared by friends in feeds. The bull is a permanent fixture in dairy farms (a separate bull is needed for each barn owned to produce calves). The wandering stallion hangs around only for one collection cycle – it guarantees the stable will produce a foal, but then the stable will not produce a consumable that cycle (farmhands, arborist or extra XP).

When an animal grows up in the nursery barn in one of the best old 90s games, the farmer has the option of displaying the animal on their farm (some, like the cream draft horse, are quite beautiful). But the farmer can also choose to place the adult animal into a dairy farm (for calves) or the stables (for foals) and eventually receive a foal of the same variety this time. That baby animal can then be placed in the nursery barn and possibly produce yet another variety to further the diversification cycle.

Not all varieties of horse and cow are being produced through the nursery barn in this retro games online, but several are breeds that would have required farm cash originally in the marketplace, which makes it satisfying when one is produced. Hopefully, the breeds produced will expand over time.

In the dairy farms and stables, any animal variety placed will produce exactly the same breed of baby animal, but it is random when that particular animal will breed, so it may take some time, especially for the more rare breeds with only one or a few animals in the building. For those with multiple dairy farms (up to 5 with coins, possibly more with 20 farm cash), placing the rarer breeds in one farm and then harvesting that farm first may increase the chances of getting a rarer calf. A second nursery barn can also be bought for $5,000 coins, but again must be constructed with help from friends.

Have fun using the nursery barn and playing around with trying to breed and grow the different varieties of horse and calf. Happy farming!

Farmville Storage Expansions

Storage buildings have been an exciting addition to the Farmville features since the game’s inception. Originally introduced simply as decorative items, barns and sheds can now store other decorative objects on the farm. This is especially handy for farmers who want to save seasonal or holiday items for the following year, or if space is needed on the farm for additional items. When storage quickly filled up, Farmville introduced farm expansion, where using the help of other Farmville friends, storage buildings can increase capacity.

How Do Storage Expansions Work?

To access the storage expansion window in this one of the best old 90s games, farmers need to click on the storage button (shared with the gift box) in the control are on the bottom right of the game screen. Once open to show stored items, click on the “expand” button. The resulting screen should show all storage buildings, including farms and sheds and well as animal storage buildings and the garden shed, if owned.

Choose the “expand” option below the desired building to host a “good old fashioned barn raising.” This will post a message to the Facebook feed asking friends to click on a link. To expand the building the farmer must get 10 clicks in 3 days. Each friend can only click on a link once in 24 hours. This means that in order for an expansion to be successful, a farmer must have a minimum of at least 4 reliable, active neighbors. Alternately, 1 farm cash can be spent to substitute for each click.

The first expansion of the building, whether a small capacity building purchased with farm coins or a larger capacity building purchased with farm cash, will add 5 items and label the building as “big.” A second expansion, which can be done if the first one is successful, will add space for another 7 items. Only one expansion can be done at a time. If the barn raising is unsuccessful it can be supplemented by farm cash for the missing clicks, or simply started over again from zero clicks and reposted until successful.

Storage Expansion Tips

Start the expansion during a busy time of day, when neighbors are showing up on Facebook as active, when the post will be noticed. If posted in a slow period in the middle of the night or possibly during the work day, the post may be buried by the time friends get online. The game does allow reminders to be posted at least once each 24 hours, but again it is better if these are activated during that same busy period.

When posting reminders to feeds, take a moment to add a personal message to the post letting friends know how it is going. Include how many clicks remain to be earned, and if it has been 24 hours since the initial post, let friends know the chance has reset for them to be able to click again. If many neighbors are new to Farmville, it may be a good idea to let them know they will earn 100 farm coins by clicking on the link.

Barn raisings to expand the storage capacity of farms and sheds are a great way to increase the social aspect of the Farmville game by calling upon friends to help. It also provides needed storage space to hide seasonal items purchased from the marketplace, earned in holiday collection events or won as rewards from eggs or other feed posts. Happy farming!


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