Top 10 green job fields

Top 10 green job fields

Training required for new jobs in an environmentally conscious world varies from a little to a lot. Likewise, pay scales cover a wide range. Here is a summary of some of these newly emerging job opportunities.

Eco-Tourism a Global Job Sector

Tourism may be the largest employment sector in the world economy. Workers at all levels can become involved in eco-tourism. Eco-tourism began its growth trajectory as the new millennium began and there is need for knowledgeable workers committed to sustainability. Green travel employees generally work for private companies, the government, institutions and non-profits. As ecology becomes more of a lifestyle, other businesses will try to attract green-thinking travelers.

Electric Bike Boom Requires New Technicians

New electric bikes requires a new type of technician who needs skills of a mechanic and electrician; fees may get pricey because these consumers save money on gas.

Apprenticeships for Organic Farming Specialists

Many environmentalists don’t believe recent studies that say organic food is nutritionally not any better than regular food. A new type of farmer is emerging, one opposed to synthetic agrochemicals. If interested in this occupation, check out the Pay Dirt Farm School at Moscow, Idaho. It offers a non-profit educational program providing farm apprenticeships.

Wind Energy Industry Needs Developers and Technicians

Other countries have taken the lead in wind energy development. As the United States gets headed this route there will be a large demand for both wind energy developers and wind energy technicians. The developers work with meteorologists to determine good wind farm locations and collaborate with land owners, regulatory agencies and power companies. Global Recruiters in Boulder, CO, reports salaries are between $110 and $180,000.

Environmental Engineers in Demand

These engineers work behind the scenes, using principles of biology and chemistry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the field of environmental engineering will grow 25% during the next seven years. Current median salaries are $61,000.

Corporate Social Responsibility Professionals Needed

Companies are hiring CSRs to enable them to meet what may become numerous governmental requirements regarding emissions and other pollutants. This field is so new that qualifications and training are just being developed. At present, people with transferable skills such as environmental management are being hired.

iPod/iPhone Doctors an Emerging Profession

As society moves away from disposables there is an emphasis on repair versus replace. The proliferation of iPods and iPhones makes them a chief target for fixing, and more MP3s and smart phones will be on the market. CNN reports at least a dozen iPod repair shops have opened in New York City and one smart electronics doctor even makes house calls.

Growing Employment Opportunities for Hydrologists

As fresh water becomes scarcer because of contamination these experts will be more in demand. Studies in earth science, geology, engineering and chemistry are a prerequisite.

Jobs Await Environmental Refuse Processors

Theirs is the largest clean-up job in history. They must scour sea beds and landfills to collect and re-process plastic waste so it is less toxic.

Autoworkers Urged to Retool for Green Car Manufacturing

U.S. car manufacturers are way behind in the “smart car” movement. This and other factors may put millions of auto workers out of work. With or without the U.S. car industry, manufacturers worldwide are working harder on fuel efficiency, alternative fuel options and green designs. Savvy autoworkers should seek to transfer their skills to the companies that are producing hybrids and other green cars.

In a nutshell, it looks like over the next decade possibly as many as 5 million green collar jobs could be created. Learn more about such jobs at Monster Trak’s Green Jobs and Find work with green-thinking companies.


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