Playstation 3 peripherals guide for vintage bookshelf games

Playstation 3 peripherals guide for vintage bookshelf games

Vintage bookshelf games – In the PlayStation 3 section of any good gaming or department store, one is sure to encounter a range of different accessories and peripherals. However, it is important to not simply pick something up because it looks cool or because the idea of it is novel. It is essential to consider what use could be gained from the purchase of it in vintage bookshelf games. It is essential to look for vintage board games value ultimately.

Dual Shock 3 Wireless Controller

In the days of the PSX and PS2, it was an almost standard practice to purchase a second Dual Shock controller with the original purchase of a console to explore vintage bookshelf games. However, the landscape of gaming on the PS3 has changed greatly. The list of games supporting two player modes is fast becoming limited to sports games and dedicated party games. It is perfect vintage board games value.

This begs the question of whether or not a second or subsequent controller is even needed anymore. For the person who plays mostly adventure and FPS games care it must considered exactly which titles an extra controller is being purchased for, as the majority of these games do not have any sort of offline multiplayer mode. However, for sports junkie subsequent controllers are almost a shoo-in, with most games supporting two if not four or more players.

Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The official Sony bluetooth headset offers fairly high quality audio for use in vintage bookshelf games. It is oversensitive and will often pick up gunshots, explosions and other noise during play. This can be an irritation to other players within the game, and there is no accommodation in the PS3 software to set the microphone volume to a setting below 3. The background can be alleviated by muting the mic when not talking. However, a beep is played every 5-10 seconds as a reminder that the mic is muted, which can be annoying after a while.

Despite this the headset is one of the better ones available for the PS3. It fits comfortably even on the largest ears. The handy volume buttons are in just the right place to be used in the middle of a hard fought FPS match, and the mute button is large and easy to quickly press. For those playing online often, the bluetooth headset is a good purchase to make.

Wireless Keypad

The official PS3 wireless keypad is presented as a compact QWERTY keyboard designed to fit onto the Dual Shock 3 controller. This is usable for every text entry box across the XMB and PS3 games range including vintage bookshelf games. It makes sending messages via the Message Box so much quicker, and speeds up communication in Playstation Home. If the PS3 is intended to be used a media centre, it may be prudent to quicken up the typing of addresses and forms. However for the average gamer it is not an essential purchase to make.

PlayStation Eye

The PlayStation Eye is a snazzed up version of the PS2’s Eyetoy with more advanced features and higher resolution video. At this stage very few games support the PlayStation Eye, most of which using it for very small portions of the game. For example, in Burnout Paradise, now available for purchase on the Playstation®Store, the PlayStation Eye can be used to take a license photograph. However, with the unveiling of Sony’s future motion sensitive wand, the PlayStation Eye may be of better use in the near future.


PlayTV allows for the PS3 to be used as a makeshift Digital Video Recorder. However, with most homes already possessing a PVR of some sort at this time it seems like Sony were a little too late in jumping in on this one. PlayTV has nonetheless recieved good writeups and is no doubt a quality device. A larger hard drive for the PS3 would also be required to take full advantage of the technology.

Hard Drive Upgrade

Alright, so this one isn’t an accessory per se. But with the standard HDD size of the PS3 being 120GB at this moment, space is sure to become an issue. On a system played for three weeks, free disk space went down to a slightly worrying 78GB.

For most people after a year or so of use 120GB will start to run a little dry, and the gamer will find themselves deleting system data for games they haven’t played in a while. A hard drive upgrade may be necessary. A 500GB HDD will solve this problem for almost all uses of the system, whether it be as a gaming console, media center, or somewhere in between. A great hard drive model to use for this is the Samsung Spinpoint M7 HM500JI.


While all of Sony’s PS3 accessories are of a high quality, and sturdily built and made, it must be considered what use could be gained from their purchase.


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